Retreats at Emery House, West Newbury

A Guide for Guests

Emery House is a place for all people to experience the boundless love of God made manifest in creation.

It is our intention to live close to the land, observing and responding to its rhythms and seasons, growing much of our own food, and offering our praise and thanks to God through our regular round of daily worship.

As in the past, we will continue to offer hospitality, spiritual guidance, silence, retreat, and daily worship.

In addition, we will invite our guests to connect with God present in and through creation in myriad ways, including by working alongside us in our garden and in other outdoor tasks by which we grow in loving relationship with these woods, meadows, fields, and rivers. We pray that all who join us here will be transformed and empowered to join God’s mission of loving, healing and blessing the earth and all its creatures.

Please note: we will be accepting a limited number of reservations (late April - August) starting on March 28. Please do not contact the guesthouse or Brother in advance of this date.

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In order to help us realize this vision…

We strongly encourage our guests to avail themselves of the opportunity to work alongside us brothers for an hour or two each day, discovering the joy of praying with our hands and communing with the earth.  One of the brothers will coordinate the work of guests. Much of this work will begin in mid-May, after our last frost date.

We do not offer Wifi service at Emery House.  We invite our guests to enter into the deep and restorative silence available here by informing their families, friends and work associates that they are “offline” for a few days, and by refraining from the use of cell phones, the internet, and other forms of technology during their time here.

We encourage guests to enter fully into our stream of worship. This daily round is designed to fulfill our monastic call to pray without ceasing, but it also invites alignment with the rhythms and seasons of creation. Through this constant offering we express our love for God, for all humanity, and for all created beings.

We invite our guests to live and move at a slower pace. We invite you to notice your thoughts and feelings and to deepen your attention to the created order.  Let these contemplative practices feed your prayer.

We invite guests to support the Society and its ministries.  The suggested fee per night at Emery House is $120, which includes meals and parking.  Some guests may be unable to afford the suggested fee and may be eligible for assistance; please speak with the guest brother about this.  Others can afford to pay more and can thereby support not only our Society, but also those guests who need financial assistance.

Availability and Getting Here

  • Starting March 28, we have a limited number of spaces available in our hermitages for self-guided retreats  during (late April through July). Guests may stay Wednesday through Sunday at 2pm.
  • Brothers resident at Emery House may be able to offer you spiritual direction during your retreat, depending on our availability. You are welcome to indicate a desire to meet with a Brother when you register for your retreat.
  • Further availability for retreat in September 2023 and beyond, including a schedule of program offerings, will be announced by early summer.
  • The C&J bus service to Newburyport has been discontinued, which has made it impossible for brothers to collect guests arriving by public transportation.  If you choose to travel here on public transportation, C&J Trailways runs buses from Boston’s Logan Airport and South Station to Seabrook, New Hampshire, the nearest stop to Emery House.  There is also train service from Boston’s North Station to Newburyport.  Guests arriving by bus or train will need to hire a car from Uber or Lyft or call a taxi to get to Emery House.  Guests are welcome to arrive by car; we have plenty of parking.
  • Unfortunately, Emery House is not wheelchair accessible.  Our 18th century house has steps leading into the house, into the refectory and into the chapel.

To request a retreat please fill out the form online below.

Your request will be processed, and you will be notified by email if your request is confirmed.  Please do not make travel arrangements until then.

We look forward to hosting you soon!

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Requests will be processed and you will receive a confirmation if a hermitage is available. We are not currently hosting guests in the main house.  Please do not make travel arrangements until you have received a confirmation email.

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