Self-led Retreats at the Monastery in Cambridge September 2023-June 2024

We are delighted to announce openings for individual retreats at the Monastery in Cambridge.  We ask that all guests be vaccinated and boosted against Covid to stay in our home.

The suggested fee for a self-led retreat is $120 per night, $50 per night for students.  We strive to make retreat available to everyone regardless of their ability to pay.  Please contact the guesthouse if these suggestions are a hardship.

If dates have filled up, you may request a place on the waitlist.  Some reservations do get cancelled but often on short notice.

The following dates are available for self-led retreat:
(the red titles will link to program retreats being offered)

September Retreats

August 29 - September 3
September 7
September 12-14
September 19-24
September 26-October 1

October Retreats

October 3-8
The Spirituality of Mark’s Gospel: Oct 12-15
October 24-29
October 31-Nov 2

November Retreats

Neurodiversity and Prayer: Nov 3-5
November 7-12
November 14-19
November 30

December Retreats

Praying with Scripture: Dec 1-3
December 5-10
December 14
An Advent Retreat: Dec 15-17
December 19-25

January Retreats

January 5-7
January 9-14
Embodied Prayer: Jan 18-21

February Retreats

February 6-11
February 13-18
A Journey into Lent: Feb 29 – Mar 3

March Retreats

March 7
First Time in Silent Retreat: Mar 8-10
March 12-17
March 19-24
March 26-31

April Retreats

“Come Away and Rest for a While”: Apr 3-7
April 9-14
April 17
Neurodiversity and Prayer: Apr 18-21
April 30 - May 5

May Retreats

May 7-12
Patience and the Crucible of Life: May 16-19
May 21-23

June Retreats

June 18-22
June 27-30

July Retreats

August Retreats

To request a retreat please fill out the form online below.

Your request will be processed, and you will be notified by email if your request is confirmed.  Please do not make travel arrangements until then.

We look forward to hosting you soon!

Request a Retreat at the Monastery

Please verify that your requested dates fall within the dates posted above.  

These are all individual, self-guided retreats.  You may request to meet with a brother during your stay once your reservation is confirmed.  
Note: All contact details are required to request a reservation.
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