Come away and rest for a while

On this page is a short, 20-minute audio retreat. It’s in audio form so that you can take a short moment anywhere to “Come Away, and Rest for a While.”
We created this retreat for the delegates of a General Convention taking place during a worldwide pandemic thinking the delegates would welcome short moments of rest.
But, of course, Jesus’ invitation to “Come Away and Rest for a While“ is for all of us in this seemingly crazy and super fast world. (It might be just what a congested commute needs!)
One final note. The retreat is presented using “spatial audio” technology. While it will work on normal speakers, we recommend that you use your headphones for this experience. You will hear that as the brothers sing their voices move. Hopefully, this will add to the experience and will also help you remain present to the retreat since all of our minds tend to wonder. (Thanks to TryTank Experimental Lab for helping with that part!)
We hope you enjoy the retreat. We're glad you're here. Now, "Come Away, and Rest for a While."
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Many thanks to our friends at for inspiring us with this audio project and the amazing sound engineers at for making this happen.