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Guidelines for Worship at the Monastery

We want to ensure that the Monastery, and especially these occasions of in person worship, are safe, and so we ask you to follow these guidelines:

  1. The chapel doors will open at 8:30 AM. As you enter, please sign in. People who have not pre-registered will only be accommodated if there is space available.
  2. If you are unwell, have not been able to pre-register, or are uncomfortable being indoors in a group, we invite you to join us online.
  3. Doors and windows will remain open regardless of the weather or street noise.
  4. To ensure there is enough space in the chapel to practice physical distancing, and enable contact tracing should that become necessary, we ask you to pre-register. The congregation size will be limited to 50 people, plus the Brothers.
  5. We encourage you to practice physical distancing between individuals, households or pods.
  6. Following Diocesan Guidelines and the most recent CDC recommendation, please wear a mask.
  7. As the Eucharist will be livestreamed, please do not sit in the choir unless you are willing to be on camera.
  8. Following the Diocesan Guidelines, hymnbooks and prayerbooks will not be provided. Service bulletins will also not be available.
  9. Please let your presence be your act of worship. While you are welcome to respond to the spoken parts of the Liturgy, we ask that you not sing, and allow the Brothers to sing on your behalf.
  10. Following the Diocesan Guidelines, the Brothers will sing, wearing masks.
  11. At the Exchange of the Peace, please remain in your seats, and exchange the Peace with a smile, a wave, or a bow.
  12. The collection basket will not be circulated. Instead, a basket is located on a table by the gate to receive your offering. We encourage everyone to make gifts to support the life and ministry of the Monastery online. The link to make an online gift is org/donate
  13. Following Diocesan Guidelines, Holy Communion will be in one Kind (wafer bread) only. While Anglican tradition and practice has been to receive Holy Communion in both Kinds (Bread and Wine), the teaching of the Church has always been that the fullness of the Sacrament is received when it is received in one Kind only.
  14. There will be four communion stations: the Chancel Step, the Choir Gate, St. John’s Altar, and the Lady Altar. Please go to the nearest station.
  15. To enable appropriate traffic flow, move to the closest station following the forward aisle, and return to your seats following the return aisle. Some seats have been removed from the chapel to create a second (return) aisle.
  16. Following the Service, we invite you into the cloister garden for a time of fellowship. Please access the cloister by the cloister doors at the back of the church. While we want this to be a relaxed time of fellowship, please maintain physical distancing. In addition, please allow the Brothers to serve you your refreshment. Brothers who are serving will be both masked and gloved. While masks are optional outdoors for people who are fully vaccinated, please wear a mask if you are unvaccinated or uncomfortable going without a mask.