Sermon Series

Sermon Series

FindingGod-FBFinding God in Harvard Square

How can I find God when I can’t keep track of my keys? How will I make time for a spiritual life when my schedule is overflowing? An invitation to students and young adults to transform the possible obstacles in our busy lives into paths to God.

Soul of Creativity · Soul of Knowledge · Soul of Intimacy · Soul of Silence · Soul of the Body

2013-Lent-PreachingLiving Prayer

A five part preaching series exploring traditional ways of praying. Each preacher offered a practical teaching on one of the ways of prayer, and then led a meditative exercise.

Praying with the Imagination · Praying with Icons and Images · Praying in the Present Moment  · Praying with Signs and Symbols · Praying with Sacred Texts

A Framework for Freedom

A preaching series on the challenges and rewards of living by a rule of life. Drawing on chapters from SSJE’s Rule.
To view the accompanying video series, please click here.

Mutual Support and Encouragement · Our Founders and the Grace of Tradition · Our Dedication to the Disciple whom Jesus Loved · The Maturing of Our Minds in Christ · The Cell and Solitude

Practicing Patience

An Advent preaching series that encourages us to wait, watch, listen, and look for the coming of the Lord.

Wait · Watch · Listen · Look

Conversations on the Way

Looking to the fundamentals of the Christian faith.

The Man · The Message · The Movement

Toward Larger Life: Sermons on Resurrection

In Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, we are given the invitation to move toward life that is larger, more expansive, broader, higher, than anything we have ever imagined.

Complete, With Questions · Believe In It? I’ve Seen It! · Cavemen and Potatoes · Bowed But Not Bound · The Secret of Self-Surrender · Look to the Glory

A Living Tradition

The Brothers, discuss their experience and practice of living their Rule of Life.

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Longing for Christ

Reflecting on the promises and gifts that God makes to us in his Son, Jesus.

Peace · Judgment · Salvation · Light

Tent of Meeting

Exploring what it means to worship God at all times and in all places.

Wilderness · Shrine · Temple · Tent

Breaking the Word

This series breaks open central words of the faith to nourish the soul.

Conversion · Forgiveness · Grace · Redemption · Passion

Teach Us to Pray

Teaching on the seven classic forms of prayer.

Praise · Thanksgiving · Intercession · Adoration · Oblation · Penitence · Petition

World Turned Upside-Down

This Eastertide series draws from stories in Acts to reflect on finding Jesus in our volatile world.

Breathe · Life · Resurrection · Gaze · Believe

Rule of Life

Shares spiritual practices drawn from the Brothers’ Rule of Life.

Community · Prayer & Life · Silence