SSJE Summer Seminarians Monastic Experience 2023

June 27– August 6, 2023*

Immersive, full-time experience for MDiv Students

Full Room and Board plus stipend, allowance, and reimbursable expenses.

*flexible dates available


The Society of Saint John the Evangelist welcomes seminarians and theological students for a short term, summer residency. All genders are welcome to apply.

Summer Seminarians live in our monastery Guesthouse in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and join the Brothers for daily worship and meals, in addition to assisting the community’s extensive ministry of hospitality.
A weekly Sabbath (Monday) is part of the structure of the week.

The summer residency will run from June 27th to August 6, 2023.*

Summer Seminarians are required to have their own health insurance. A generous stipend (up to $3,600) and reimbursement for travel expenses are available.  Room and board are included.

Typical daily schedule for summer seminarians:
6:00-6:40        Morning Prayer (chapel)
6:40-7:50        Quiet time for prayer, study
8:00-8:45        Eucharist (chapel)
8:45-9:10        Breakfast
9:00-12:30      Work periods, meetings, free time**
12:30-12:50    Midday Prayer (chapel)
12:50-2:00      Midday meal and cleanup
2:00-6:00        Work periods, meetings, free time**
6:00-6:30         Evening Prayer (chapel)
6:30-7:30         Evening meal and cleanup
7:30-8:30         Work periods, meetings, free time**
8:30-8:50         Compline (chapel)

* Flexibility within these dates is available for a commitment of at least 5 full weeks

** Work periods are coordinated by Br. Todd Blackham and can involve a combination of hospitality work, household and foodservice assistance, gardening, and other activities.

For any additional questions please contact Br. Todd at

Expectations and Requirements

Worship requirements

  • Attendance at all corporate worship services: Morning Prayer (6am)
    Noonday Prayer (12:30pm)
    Evening Prayer (6pm)

    Compline (8:30-9pm)

    Eucharist (Tues at 5:30pm; Wed at 12:30-1; Thurs-Sat at 8-8:35am; Sun at 9am)

  • Serve occasionally as acolyte at Eucharist (scheduled in advance)

    Work requirements

• Rotation of responsibilities shared with other Seminarians including; Guesthouse Hospitality; Sacristy Assistance; Kitchen, House, and Garden Assistance; in addition to other regular tasks assigned.

Other Requirements & Expectations

  • Seminarians are expected to follow the same Covid health and safety requirements as brothers, including, masks and social distancing outside the monastery and protocol around travel. Should requirements change, residents will be advised of changes (either more or less restrictive) and expected to comply.
  • Weekly Meeting with Summer Seminarian Director & other Seminarians
  • Weekly, scheduled times of formation & fellowship with Brothers throughout the year
  • Regular meeting with a Brother for spiritual direction

    This is a full-time, intensive, residential experience. Seminarians have free periods during the day as well as the Brothers’ Sabbath commencing after Evening Prayer on Sunday and concluding at Morning Prayer on Tuesday.

    Only pre-arranged absences will be permitted and Seminarians must complete at least 5 of the 6 weeks of the program. The stipend will be prorated accordingly.

  • Seminarians receive:

    o Full Room & Board
    o $150 initial allowance for incidentals not covered by reimbursable expenses o Up to $3,600 stipend upon completion of the program
    o Weekly Sabbath (Sunday Evening - Monday)
    o Formation opportunities with Brothers and fellow Seminarians