Big – Br. Mark Brown

Genesis 1:26-28/Psalm 67/1 Cor. 13: 1-13/Luke 10:25-37

A version of this sermon was preached July 17, 2011; twenty four Jewish, Muslim and Christian children from the Kids4Peace program (  were present. Visit to see pictures from the morning.

I’ll bet some of you, when your parents see you, some of them will say, “Oh, Samih/Ma’or/Nicholas–you look bigger!”  Maybe they’ll be teasing you a little bit.  Maybe you’ll be only this much taller. But in another way, you will all be bigger.  Even if we can’t see it when we look at you. Maybe after these two weeks of Kids4Peace you’ll look exactly the same as you did before, but you are somehow bigger.  That’s what I’d like to talk about: getting bigger.

The story we just heard is sometimes called “The Good Samaritan”.  But I think we could also call it “The Big Samaritan”.  Now the story doesn’t tell us if the Samaritan man is tall or wide. But it does tell how he took care of the man who was robbed and beaten.  Why could we call it “The Big Samaritan”?  What is big about this man?  He has a big heart. Lev Gadol.  Qalb kbiir.  Or we might say he has a big soul. Nefesh gadol.  Nafs kbiir.  He has a big heart because he has compassion for someone who is suffering. Read More