I Peter 2: 2-10

I came to a greater appreciation of what’s involved in building a church or cathedral out of stone a few years ago when I read Ken Follett’s popular novel, Pillars of the Earth.  One of the lead characters in the story is a builder who takes a job working on a cathedral in medieval Britain.  We watch and learn with him as he struggles with the architectural challenges of his day:  How tall can the walls be made before they become unsteady and topple over?  How thick do they need to be in order to bear the weight of the roof?  How can windows be put in to allow light to enter, without weakening the structure of the walls?  The story records accidents and setbacks along the way as new designs are tested.  Various types of workmen are needed, craftsmen in stone and wood and iron.  It’s clear that building a cathedral in medieval Europe was a dangerous and risky endeavor, a significant challenge for all who were involved. Read More