Worship of God – Br. Curtis Almquist

curtis4Acts 17:22-31
John 14:15-21

In the life of Moses, in Hebrew folklore, there is a remarkable passage. (1) Moses finds a shepherd in the desert.  Moses spends the day with the shepherd and helps him milk his ewes.  At the end of the day Moses sees that the shepherd puts the best milk he has in a wooden bowl, which he places on a flat stone, some distance away.  So Moses asks him what it is for, and the shepherd replies, “This is God’s milk.”  Moses is puzzled, and asks the shepherd what he means.  The shepherd says, “I always take the best milk I possess, and I bring it as an offering to God.”  Moses, who is far more sophisticated than the shepherd with his naïve faith, asks, “And does God drink it?”  “Yes,” replies the shepherd, “God does.”   Read More