We would see Jesus – Br. Geoffrey Tristram

Br. Geoffrey Tristram

Luke 2: 1-14

Christmas is here. Glorious, wonderful, magical Christmas is here.  The weather may not feel like Christmas, but spread out before us in this church is our beautiful crèche. I love to just stand and gaze at it…with wide eyed wonder, like a child.  But then ever since I was a child I have loved Christmas. The magic in the air, the carols, Christmas tree lights and decorations.  Opening presents with such excitement, and then turkey and minced pies and chocolates.

But for many people, that is all that Christmas is about. As a parish priest I would visit our local church junior school, and I remember one nine year old boy writing this in his Christmas essay: ‘I know Christmas should be a religious time, but for me, Christmas is a time for the necessities of life, like food, presents and booze.’  I felt sad that one so young should have already acquired such a cynical view. Read More