What a joy it is for us brothers to be back worshipping in this beautiful chapel, and to be back worshipping with you our friends. We have had a very good summer, but we have missed you! We had a wonderful retreat at Emery House, and then our annual time of Chapter and discussions, and planning for the future. It was very fruitful and grace filled. It’s always lovely at Emery House. And, while we were away workmen finished off some of the renovations here at the monastery. We have been remembering you in our prayers with thanksgiving – and do hope you have had a great summer.

I guess because we are located at the heart of so many colleges and universities, that September really feels like the beginning of a new year. And what a wonderful way for us to start our new year this afternoon by clothing our postulant, Brian Pearson, as a novice. I hope you can be there to support him.

We have lots of exciting plans for ministry and teaching during this coming year. On Tuesday we will welcome three new interns who will live and work with us during this new year: Seth Woody, Waylon Whitley and Andrew Sinnes. And in a couple weeks time we will be welcoming a new postulant, Ruben Alexis.

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