The Unfathomable Meal – Br. Mark Brown

Br. Mark Brown

Matthew 10:16-22;
James Hannington and his Companions, Martyrs

The Holy Eucharist is one of those things that human beings do that has multiple layers of meaning.  Actually, it may very well be the most complex thing that people do—it is virtually unfathomable.  There is no one way to think about or to “do” the Eucharist that conveys every single level of significance.  The Holy Communion can be celebrated in a mighty cathedral with a brilliant corona of artistic and ceremonial embellishment.  Or it can be celebrated on a beach around a campfire.  It’s a table for convivial celebration; it’s an altar of holy sacrifice…. Probably best to be open to the sheer multiplicity of meanings and not limit ourselves by becoming overly attached to one way of doing things. Read More