The Work of Our Hands – Br. Mark Brown

Rogation Day II

Ecclesiasticus 38:27-32
Psalm 107:1-9
Matthew 6:19-24

This Thursday is Ascension Day: forty days after Easter, always on a Thursday.  On Ascension Day the Church remembers the culmination of Christ’s resurrection appearances and ponders the mystery of his ascending into heaven.  The mystery of Christ being all and in all, sustaining all things by his mighty word, filling all things with his own fullness, grace upon grace.

But today is a Rogation Day. The three days before Ascension started out as a kind of mini-Lent with fasting and praying and processions. Prayers were offered especially for good weather and bountiful crops. Over the centuries things have evolved a bit.  In our 1979 Book of Common Prayer the three Rogation Days are devoted to prayers for fruitful seasons on Monday, for commerce and industry on Tuesday, and for the stewardship of creation on Wednesday.  Today is Tuesday, so it’s commerce and industry day. Read More