The Choice is Yours – Br. David Vryhof

Br. David VryhofFeast of the Annunciation

Isa. 7:10-14 and Luke 1:26-38

In our readings on this Feast of the Annunciation, we have the story of two visitations: one to Ahab, King of Judah, and the other to Mary, mother of our Lord.

In the first of these visitations, God promises, through the prophet Isaiah, to deliver Ahab and the people of Judah from the hands of their enemies.  Furthermore, God invites Ahab to ask for a sign so that he will have no doubt or fear about placing his whole trust in God.  Ahab declines the offer, saying he does not want to put the Lord to the test.  But what seems at first glance to be a humble and appropriate response is revealed to be a sign of the king’s stubbornness and resistance instead.  Ahab actually resents God breaking into his life; he prefers to make his own decisions and to map out his own path, and this stubbornness leads to his destruction. Read More