Craving for God – Br. Jack Crowley

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Br. Jack Crowley

John 6:30-35

My Brothers know that I love to eat. I eat often and I eat a lot. Every monastery has to have that one Brother who’s always hungry, and I’m that guy. So having said that, I must confess that every time I hear Jesus call himself the bread of life, I get a little hungry.

One of the many things I love about Jesus is he knows what motivates us. He knows our hearts, our minds, and our stomachs. He knows what makes us tick. He knows this for each and every one of us, in our own peculiar way.

Jesus knows that above all else, we crave God. We crave God in the same way we crave food. Deep down, we crave God not one time, but all the time.

This craving for God is good. It’s a good desire. What we do with our desire for God is what matters. How we go about fulfilling our craving for God is what shapes our spiritual lives.

Jesus continually invites us to keep coming back to him with our desire for God. He promises that anyone who comes to him will never be hungry again. We have the freedom to feed on Christ daily. We have the freedom to feed on Christ not just daily, but every moment of our lives.

Think about that for a moment. We have access to God every single moment of our lives. No matter how we are feeling, what we are thinking, or what we are doing, God’s sustenance is available to us. Read More

Divine Provision – Br. Luke Ditewig

John 6:30-35

Bread is ordinary, daily, for most people necessary nourishment, and a key symbol of our salvation. Remember the unleavened bread of the Exodus. God delivered our ancestors from slavery in Egypt. Pushed out, they had to leave quickly, without time for their bread to rise or make other provisions. All they had was their daily dough, and they could not prepare it as they were accustomed. They had to leave “before it was leavened, with their kneading bowls wrapped up in their cloaks on their shoulders.”[i]

Remember manna in the wilderness. God provided ancient Israel with bread from heaven in the wilderness for forty years. Our parents asked: “What is it?” God said take a measure of this bread from heaven every morning. More will come tomorrow. Don’t hoard it. I will give you enough.[ii]

Remember earlier in the Gospel of John, Jesus turned a few loaves and fish into a meal for thousands. Followed by a crowd, Jesus raised the question of how to feed them. The disciples said: “Six months wages would not buy enough bread.” Jesus said: “Make the people sit down. … Jesus gave thanks and distributed the food, … as much as they wanted.”[iii] Read More