Vidi Aquam – Br. Mark Brown

John 7:37-39

One of my favorite places in Chicago is the beautiful Buckingham Fountain.  It sits on a large plaza between Lake Michigan and a spectacular wall of skyscrapers.  A big wedding cake of a fountain, it’s sometimes called Chicago’s front door.

I grew up not too far from the Windy City.  I remember Mayor Daly greeting Queen Elizabeth at the fountain in 1957.  She had come down the St. Lawrence Seaway on the royal yacht all the way to Chicago. Flags and bands and rifles and national anthems and so on, ladies curtsying. The queen and the mayor were a study in contrasts.  Fifty-four years ago Elizabeth looked and spoke very much the elegant young queen that she was.  Mayor Daly looked and spoke very much, well, Mayor Daly—the jowly, rotund boss of a huge political machine. You could imagine him smoking cheap cigars (of course, we’re talking about the first Mayor Daly, not the more recent one).

Well, the queen and the mayor are neither here nor there, but it was all pretty impressive to an 8 year old kid from Coal City, Illinois—even on black and white TV. So back to Buckingham Fountain. Read More

Latte Drinkers and Beer Guzzlers – Br. Mark Brown


Acts 2:1-21/1 Cor. 12:3b-13/John 7:37-39

A few chapters back Jesus tells a woman at a well about water that he would give that would become a “spring of water gushing up to eternal life.”  You’ll never be thirsty if you drink this water.  Here he goes further: not only will we not be thirsty if we drink this water, but out of our own hearts will flow rivers of living water! Read More