I Come to Serve – Br. James Koester

Matthew 5:1-10

I Come to Serve[1]

There is a legend told of St. Edward the Confessor, whose feast we keep today, about 2 pilgrims, an old man, and a ring.

One day King Edward was out walking near his great church, Westminster Abbey, when an old beggar approached him asking for alms. The King removed from his hand a valuable ring, which contained a large sapphire, and gave it to the beggar. Years later two pilgrims from England travelled to the Holy Land, where they encountered an old man. The man revealed himself as St. John the Evangelist, gave them the King’s ring, asking that upon their return to England they restore the ring to Edward.

It’s a fun story, and we can leave it at that. We can also dismiss it as a pious, yet impossible legend. Or we can consider where lies the invitation, and what the story is really trying to say Read More

Leaders Who Fear God – Br. David Vryhof

I Samuel 24:2-20

In this powerful story from First Samuel, we see a ruler who is in trouble.  His erratic behavior, his dark and brooding temperament, and his unstable mental state have caused his approval ratings to drop to an all-time low.  He feels increasingly threatened by a promising young leader who is widely respected and loved, and clings desperately to his place of power.  Although he was called by God to be king and anointed by God’s prophet, he now tries to take matters into his own hands: instead of entrusting himself to God, he tries to destroy the one who challenges his authority by putting him to death. Read More