Seeds for Meditation – Br. David Allen

Here is this morning’s sermon.  I was to have preached it on Wednesday, but time factors caused a schedule change and I preached it today, substituting the Wednesday Gospel for that in the lectionary.

I am calling this sermon “Seeds for meditation”.  They are only that, suggestions for further development of each clause in St. Luke’s version of the Lord’s Prayer.

davidallen_1Lk 11:1-4

You will have recognized the Gospel Read today as the shorter version of the Lord’s Prayer from Luke’s Gospel.  The longer version of that prayer found in Matthew’s Gospel is probably more familiar to most of us.  From very early it won its place for use in liturgical prayer.  However, I feel that Luke’s version has an advantage in its brevity for the purpose of meditative prayer.  Let the Holy Spirit guide us in our meditation on these five brief phrases! Read More