Jesus, Learning from Shrewd Manager – Br. Curtis Almquist


Luke 16:1-13

If you were to find this Gospel lesson appointed for today either confusing or offending, you would not be the first.  It would seem that Jesus is extolling the practices of a dishonest account manager.  So we hear, this manager falsified the amounts owed to his employer so that, when the manager was out of a job – fired because of his dishonesty! – these same people with whom he is currying illicit favor would admire him or owe him,  and ultimately welcome him into their hospitality. Read More

Stewards of God’s Gifts – Br. David Vryhof

A sermon based on Luke 16:1-13

It was a time in which “money was becoming more than simply a social convention, a medium of economic exchange.  People were beginning to pursue money as a primary goal; and the amount of money one acquired determined one’s status in the community.”i So author Donald Spoto describes the socio-economic climate at the beginning of the 13th century – but his words could well apply to the age in which we live. Read More