Luke’s Prescription of Hope – Br. Jim Woodrum

Br. Jim WoodrumLuke 6:20-26

Among my favorite windows here in the chapel are the “Workmen’s Windows,” (here to my right where you enter the chapel from the guesthouse) so called because the workmen who built this stunning chapel gifted them to the Society to show how privileged they felt to do this work for the glory of God.  You may know that the chapel was built during the height of the Great Depression when the economy had crashed and people were desperate for jobs to earn money for food to feed their families.  The fact that many of the friends of these men were going hungry was not lost on them and the “Workmen’s Windows” are a memorial to their gratefulness to God. Read More

The Mind of Christ – Br. Mark Brown

Luke 6:20-26

Today Jesus comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable. Depending on what kind of day we’re having, or depending on our circumstances in life, we may be tremendously comforted by his words—or not. Blessed are we and woe to us…

It is simplistic, of course, to divide humanity into two categories: the poor, hungry and sorrowful on the one hand; the rich, full and laughing on the other. Jesus’ own life would not have fit neatly into either category. The human experience comprises all of the above and much more. The teacher’s warning note is that whatever our experience, whether joy or sorrow, whether poverty or wealth—it will not last. Life is in flux…always in flux. We may get what we deserve—or not. Read More