Removing the Log from our Eye – Br. David Vryhof

Br. David VryhofLuke 6:39-42

It’s difficult to see clearly when you have a log in your eye.  Apparently.

But it’s difficult to remove the log unless you can recognize what it is that is interfering with your ability to see clearly.  The log in our eye may be some hidden prejudice, perhaps rooted in fear, that prevents our seeing a person as he or she is.  Or perhaps it is some bias that is rooted in the way we were brought up and conditioned to respond to others.  Or it might be some disordered attachment that gets in the way: there is something or someone that we want and this thing that we think we need to be happy colors the way we view others.  Or perhaps it’s a label that we’ve attached to this person or group of people that is preventing us from seeing who they really are.  Or it may be that our strongly-held convictions or beliefs are getting in the way. Read More