Christ Feeds Us – Br. David Allen

Mk 16:9-15, 20

Each year as we celebrate Easter and the season of Eastertide we are given the opportunity to renew and refresh our experience of Jesus’ Resurrection in the lessons and hymns and prayers of our worship. Our Eucharistic hymns also remind us that every Sunday is a commemoration of Jesus’ Resurrection.

Year by year we can hold the mystery of that great event close to our hearts, and learn again to treasure its meaning for each of us.

Several of our hymns remind us each time we sing them that Christ feeds us in the Holy Eucharist, and in our other prayer and worship as well. That is also part of the mystery for us to think about and cherish.

When we look at the ending of Mark’s Gospel read today I think we can recognize that it is much more abrupt than those of the other Gospels.  It seems to be a synopsis of the experiences related in the other Gospels.  For that reason we need to focus more on the fact of the Resurrection, rather than the details of the various accounts of the several appearances. Read More