What Is Family Anyway – Br. Robert L’Esperance

Mark 3:31-35

Some of you might remember when, some years ago, people were expressing shock and even grief at an instructive issued by the Catholic Church.  Speaking on behalf of the magisterium, then Cardinal Ratzinger seemed to say that one must embrace the Roman Church in order to be saved.  Of course, our “shock and grief” have found their home in our own communion.  Anglicans have engaged in battle for some years now over the nature of human sexuality and what the Bible says or doesn’t say about it.  Both sides have fumed at each other.  Both sides have claimed the right.  Pronouncement has been answered with pronouncement.  In our own country, some congregations have decided that the issue is too important to remain within the Episcopal Church and have migrated to less objectionable quarters of the Anglican Communion.  There have been law suits, mostly about property rights (ah, that’s code for money).  It’s not a pretty picture.

Why should we be surprised that those outside the church looking-in grow more and more confused and turned-off by what they see? Read More

Jesus’ Family Values – Br. David Vryhof

Mark 3:31-35

I love my parents. They are two of the finest people I know. They are generous, open-hearted and loving; deeply committed to Christ and to the Church; faithful in their spiritual practice; always willing to give themselves in the service of God and others, even when that service costs them significant amounts of time, money and effort. Read More