Feast of St. Macrina, Monastic and Teacher – Br. Jim Woodrum

Br. Jim Woodrum

Matthew 11: 27-30

Sometime during my ‘Tween’ years (that terribly awkward period of time spanning from ages 10-12) I remember approaching my parents rather seriously to let them know what I wanted for Christmas.  This was the biggest request I’d ever made.  This wasn’t just something that I wanted strictly for entertainment value, although I did hope it would bring fun and joy.  I felt that it was very practical and something that I discerned that I needed in my life.  I asked my parents if I could have an older brother for Christmas.  Some of my friends had older brothers and while they could be somewhat obnoxious, gross, and crass, the pros seem to outweigh the cons.  Older brothers kept an eye out on you and could defend you against bullies.  Older brothers were wiser and could impart crucial knowledge about the greater mysteries of life.  Older brothers could be companions on the journey through adolescence helping you navigate through some of the strange twists that life could throw you which they had already experienced.  When my parents explained that things didn’t quite work that way, I went a step further and asked if we could adopt an older brother.  As it turned out, that too was an impossibility.  Read More