The Saints, Our Heroes -Br. Curtis Almquist

Br. Curtis AlmquistRevelation 7: 9-17, Matthew 5: 1-12

The tradition of All Saints Day, which we celebrate today, traces its history back to the sixth century.  At that time Pope Boniface consecrated the Pantheon at Rome as a place of solemn remembrance and thanksgiving for the life and witness of so many hundreds and hundreds of Christians who were martyred there during the first three centuries of the church.

All Saints Day became a comforting tradition.  Do you remember the Latin etymology for the English word “comfort”?  com + fortis: com = with; fortis = fortitude or strength.  All Saints Day: a day to comfort us, to strengthen us, so we can faithfully meet the challenges at hand in our own lifetime by our embracing the companionship of the saints. Read More