Come With an Open Mind – Br. John Braught

Matthew 11: 25-27

The Son reveals the Father to those whom he chooses. Yet, Jesus says, the Father has hidden these things from the wise and intelligent and revealed them to infants.

It is a well-worn image that those who are wise in their own eyes cannot see God because they are too attached to their own ideas. It’s well-worn because, when it comes to God, it’s quite easy for us to think we know who God is, and to place limitations on God, that is, decide beforehand what God can and cannot do. Fortunately, God cannot be put in a box.

I know this because at other times – usually when I’m despairing over some problem, weakness, or circumstance and I can’t see God anywhere – I’m able to lay aside my ideas about God, and to let God be God.

What usually happens? What is revealed when old ideas are cast aside?  I cannot tell you specifically what you will see. The Son reveals the Father to those whom he chooses:  individuals who seek God with an open mind.

What I can tell you is that God is really big. God is bigger than all the ways we typically limit God.  For example, God is bigger than the United States. God is bigger than the English language. God is bigger than anything our minds can fathom.  And God is even bigger than our problems. God is really, really, really, BIG.  And God is full of surprises.

Chapter forty-one of our rule, The Maturing of our Minds in Christ, states that “as our faith matures we come to recognize Christ’s hidden presence everywhere.” That’s because a maturing faith is paradoxically childlike. It is marked by openness to new ideas, points of view, and experiences. All of which enable us to see again our God, who knows neither time, nor place, nor limitation.

The Son reveals the Father to those whom he chooses. Will you come to the Son with an open mind so you can see?