Ask, Search, Knock – Br. Keith Nelson

As a foundational stance toward our relationship with God, ask-search-knock calls forth from us an initiative and a willingness to expose our hearts. This is as true in our relationships with human companions as it is with God.” - Br. Keith Nelson

Br. Keith Nelson

Matthew 7:7-12


Ask… and it will be given. Search…and you will find. Knock…and the door will be opened for you.

What prevents you from asking, searching, or knocking?

It might be a literal lack of clarity. Who should I ask? Where should I search? Is this the right door, or is it that one?

It might be an emotion on the fear continuum: anxiety; suspicion; pessimism; insecurity; loneliness. What if I hear “No” in reply? What if I spend all that energy searching but find nothing helpful, nothing worthwhile? What if I knock and that door remains shut tight, with not a light to be seen behind the dark window panes as night falls?

It might be a well-intentioned desire for independence or self-sufficiency; or the desire to appear competent or smart. What if I can just figure this out by myself? That way, I won’t have to be a burden or impose my question or need on someone else… Read More

Sermon for Friday of Proper 27B – Br. David Allen


[Wis. 13:1-9]

Since about the age of 9 I have been an avid reader of mystery stories, good ones, not the lurid ones.  I believe that over the years that habit has helped me to become more sensitive to the Mystical Literature of the Bible.

Today’s first reading from the Wisdom of Solomon certainly fits into that category. I believe that the meaning of most mystical literature can be seen more clearly by contemplation rather than by reason.

I have been praying with today’s first lesson to see it more clearly as prayer ever since I first read it over, earlier this month. Read More