The Message – Br. Mark Brown

Romans 6:3-5; Psalm 16:5-11; John 20:1-10

This evening we continue our series, “Conversations on the Way: the Man, the Message, the Movement”.  These sermons are meant to be provocative; that is, to provoke questions. You are welcome to join us for a simple soup supper following the service, when we can reflect together.

The topic this evening is “the message”.  If Jesus had a message, what was it?  If there is a core message, what is it?  If there were a contest to summarize the message of Jesus in as few words as possible, what could we say?  My entry into this imaginary competition is five words.  Here are my five words summarizing the core message of Jesus, as I hear it today: “Join me in the Resurrection”. Five words.  Actually, I’d like to tack on five more words of clarification: “Don’t wait ‘til you’re dead.”  Join me in the Resurrection–don’t wait ‘til you’re dead.  My entry in the “Message-of-Jesus-in-as-few-words-as-possible Contest”. Read More