In the Temple of the Lord – Br. James Koester

1 Kings 8: 22-23, 27-30
Psalm 84
Mark 7: 1-13
In the Temple of the Lord, All are Crying, Glory!
You might know the story of David, how as a boy he killed a giant with a few stones and a slingshot. How as a young man, a jealous king tried to kill him. How ultimately he became king and ruled with wisdom and courage, sort of. How as king he decided to construct a temple for the glory of God in Jerusalem but that God had other plans. It was not David who would build the Temple, but his son Solomon. And what a temple it must have been! Read More

The Profession in Life Vows of Geoffrey Tristram, SSJE – Br. Curtis Almquist

Exodus 33:18-23; Psalm 84

All of us here should have had the experience of being protected: of being guarded by someone’s act of kindness and care, of being held back or hidden or shielded or removed from something that would be too much for us to bear – too dangerous, too awful, too awesome for us to behold. Read More