Our Relationships with Others – Br. David Vryhof

This sermon is part of a Lenten preaching series on “Growing a Rule of Life.

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Br. David VryhofRomans 12:9-21, Luke 6:27-36

This evening is the fourth in a series of sermons on “Growing a Rule of Life.”  In the three previous weeks, we have looked at how we might make use of the monastic concept of a “Rule of Life”

  • to weave healthy practices into the rhythms of our lives,
  • to focus our time and energies on what we value most,
  • and to live more intentionally the abundant life God offers us in Christ.

We have examined how a Rule of Life might support our relationship with God, and our relationship with our own selves.  Tonight we consider how a Rule might inform how we relate to others. Read More