Sermon for St. Sergius of Moscow – Br. David Allen


[Lk. 8:16-21]

Sergius was born early in the 14th Century in Radinezeh, Russia, a village near Moscow.  It was a time of poverty and hardship in Russia brought about by war.  It was also a time of spiritual activity in the Christian World. It was the time of Dame Julian of Norwich and other Mystics in England, and Catherine of Sienna in Italy.

When he was 20 Sergius and his older brother Stephan began living as hermits in the deep forest near their home.

After a time Stephan moved to a monastery in Moscow, but Sergius continued to live in the forest as a hermit.  Learning of his deep spiritual knowledge other monks started to come to him for direction, and built their own cells.  Eventually they persuaded him to become their Superior. Read More