On the Lord's Prayer – Br. David Allen

Most of us know some version of the Lord’s Prayer by heart; but do we really listen to what each clause means?  How well can you explain it when asked about what it means?

Let’s take a very few minutes to think about what we mean when we say the Lord’s Prayer.  I shall use the form of that prayer that we use in our worship here at the monastery, the contemporary form from the current Episcopal Prayer Book.

At the beginning of the prayer we address God as Our Father in heaven.  This acknowledges both the way Jesus referred to God, and the way Jesus taught his disciples to think of God as our heavenly Father “by whose Name all fatherhood is known”. (Hymn 587)

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What Do You See – Br. James Koester

One of the reasons why I like going to church, is that I love to people watch. I like to watch people as they come in and find a place. I like to see where people sit, and how some people always sit in the same place. I like to see who comes early and who comes late. (And you didn’t think we noticed!)

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