Young Men Sang and Old Men Danced – Br. Mark Brown

Mark-Brown-SSJE-2010-300x299Luke 17:5-10

“We are worthless slaves; we have only done what we ought to have done.”  Worthless and slaves.  With those pungent words an episode in the life of Jesus seems to come to an abrupt close.  The very next verse has Jesus suddenly on the way to Jerusalem, somewhere between Samaria and Galilee where he’s about to heal some lepers.

“We are worthless slaves”.  The Bible doesn’t record what was said after those jarring words. But I’m sure it wasn’t the end of the conversation.  I’ve come to know on no good authority whatsoever what happened next, but I am sworn to secrecy as to the source of this information.  You would have good reason to be suspicious of this source.  But if you’ll hold at bay the fierce dogs of skepticism for just a few minutes I’ll tell you what I heard happened next… Read More