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It’s Time to… Stop, Pray, Work, Play & Love 

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Resource Pack:


Please email friends@ssje.org with any questions or if you are having trouble with the resources below.

PDF Posters and Bulletins inserts

Poster: (suitable for Bulletin Boards)

  • To download the poster (US Ltr | A4)

 Bulletin inserts:

  • To download free printable bulletin inserts describing the series (US Ltr | A4)
    [Print and then cut in half to fit in Sunday Bulletin]
  • To download free Bulletin version of the workbook, click one of the links here.
    Stop (US Ltr | A4)
    Pray (US Ltr | A4)
    Work (US Ltr | A4)
    Play (US Ltr | A4)
    Love (US Ltr | A4)
    [Fold a copy of each weeks theme into your Sunday Bulletin]
  • To download all the bulletins suitable for duplex printing (US Ltr | A4)
  • To download free PDF version of the booklet, click here.

Badges, Logos, Image and Fonts:


Click here to get a 850 x 850 px badge:


Click here to get a 720 x 300 px badge:


Color and Font Guide:

It’s time to: Handwriting – Dakota  HEX#000000
Stop, Pray, Work, Play & Love: Avenir Next Medium HEX#000000
Red background: HEX#990000

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  1. Harold Pound on February 21, 2015 at 11:48

    When I am able to practice being in the NOW I am joyful and I am aware that all I am is of God. Am I an expert at being in the now? Hardly! But I do know the more I surrender to being in the now, the more joyful I am.

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