Ways to Pray

take one week to pray your life

Ways to Pray is a week-long, guided audio program, which invites you to explore and experience seven traditional forms of prayer through reflection, song, psalms, spoken prayers, and silence. As you listen and pray along each day, we hope you will discover that the richness of these different expressions of prayer is not about mastering how to pray, but about deeply experiencing why we pray. We pray our life: offering the whole of our selves and all our experiences to the God who loves us beyond telling.

Each day we explore one of seven traditional prayer forms – Adoration, Praise, Thanksgiving, Penitence, Oblation, Intercession, Petition – through two audio offerings, one for morning and one for evening.

Morning: Begin your day by listening to a brief morning meditation: a reading, psalm, a meditation, and prayer. Set yourself up to experience your day through the lens of that day's prayer form.

Evening: Close your day with a short evening reflection: a song, a reflection on the day, and sung petitions. Consider how your day was a gift from God and a gift to God through your prayer.