Brother, Give Us A Word

A daily monastic practice to nourish your spirit


We cannot be channels of God’s comfort and compassion if we continue to be bound by fear and anxiety, which is why God urges us to cast our burdens upon him, to trust his presence with us and his work within us, and to leave behind all fear. Trust in God and discover the glorious freedom of the children of God, who need never be afraid.

Br. David Vryhof, SSJE
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A daily monastic practice to nourish your spirit

Take on a simple practice that draws on the rhythm and richness of the monastic life – yet fits into your day.

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About Brother, Give Us A Word

Monasticism began when a few faithful men and women went into the desert to seek God and live a life of prayer. These Desert Fathers and Mothers, as they became known, were spiritual beacons whom other sought out for their wisdom in the ways of God. The seeker would approach and ask, "Father (Mother), give me a word."
The Brothers have adapted this ancient tradition for today, offering online a daily "word" to all who seek a deeper knowledge of God, a means of handing on what we ourselves have received.

You might use each day's word as a focus for your prayer. Say the word to the rhythm of your breath and invite the Holy Spirit to speak to you through that word. You might also use the day's saying as a focus for meditative reading or lectio divina, reading slowly and allowing your mind to drift as the words inspire you to further prayer and reflection.

We hope you'll join us every day for a word, which we pray will help you to deepen your life with God.

Ways you might pray with the daily word

Today, try to be still and listen throughout your day. Listen while walking or letting yourself dance. Listen looking up gazing at bright green-leafed trees. Listen with still posture and eyes closed. Listen kneeling in soil to tend plants springing to life. Stop to smell the flowers and listen. Be still and listen.

BGUAW Book Cover

Brother, Give Us A Word: Book

Br. Jim Woodrum has created a book that collects words from across the church year, from all the members of our community. Alongside the daily words, it also uses a second medium to invite you into prayer: photography. For each word, a photograph has been selected to illuminate the quote.

Photo Book now available