Chapel Schedule and News

Live-streaming schedule

All listed services will be live-streamed online. Visit to pray along, or check out the Friends of SSJE Facebook page. We hope you will join us as often as you can during this season.


Covid update from the Monastery

Please note: The Chapel will not be open for public worship this week, including on Sunday, 24 July. We very much regret this decision, but we believe it is the safest course of action for the Brothers, and members of our worshipping congregations.

While the Chapel will be closed for public worship, we will continue to livestream many of our services and hope that you will join us online. A complete schedule of livestreamed services can be found at

Note: Services in Red and Bold are live-streamed


6:30 Morning Prayer
9:00 Holy Eucharist
12:30 Noonday Prayer
4:00 Evensong


No public worship. (Brothers’ Sabbath)


6:00 Morning Prayer
12:30 Noonday Prayer
5:30 Holy Eucharist
8:30 Compline


6:00 Morning Prayer
12:30 Holy Eucharist
6:00 Evensong
8:30 Compline

Thursday – Saturday

6:00 Morning Prayer
8:00 Holy Eucharist
12:30 Noonday Prayer
6:00 Evensong
8:30 Compline

2021 Ordo Cover

The Ordo Advent 2021 through Advent 2022

The Ordo of the Daily Office and Holy Eucharist. Advent 2021 through Advent 2022 (Year 2 and Year C)

Compiled and edited by Jonathan Maury, SSJE with Lucas Hall, SSJE

About the Daily Office

The Brothers’ worship schedule, what has traditionally been called the “Daily Office,” is described in the SSJE Rule of Life as:

“...a sustained act of union with Christ by which we participate in his unceasing offering of love to the Father. In reciting the psalms, singing canticles and hymns, proclaiming the divine word in Scripture, or lifting our voices in prayer, we are to enter more and more into the mind, heart, and will of Christ, and to be borne up by the Spirit in him to the Father.

"Our praying of the psalter, which is the heart of the Daily Office, takes us ever deeper into the mystery of the incarnation; the psalms give voice to the whole range of human experience which Christ has embraced and redeemed as the Savior of the world. As we sing and chant deep levels of our being are involved; our hearts are lifted up in greater exultation. And music enhances our worship with riches inherited from many ages.”