Relax Trusting – Br. Luke Ditewig

Br. Luke Ditewig

John 8:51-59

“Are you greater than our father Abraham?” They were confused and upset. How could those who kept Jesus’ word not see death? They clung to what they knew, to being Abraham’s children, so much that they could not see and understand Jesus who was with them.

In our own confusion and pain, it can be hard to hear, hard to see God with us. What might you be clinging to so tightly that you’re not seeing? What’s getting in the way of receiving Jesus?

Sometimes we cling to who we are or what we have: heritage, group-identity, connections. We cling to the people we love or who love us best, our meaningful relationships. We cling to comfort or privilege, standard of living, status, or success. We cling to abilities, gifts, how we serve, what we do well, including for God.

Sometimes what gets in the way—why it is hard to see or hear Jesus—is not what we have. We may be like Moses before the burning bush: “I can’t talk well. I don’t know what to say.” We cling from and onto our lack, limits, losses, pain, and grief. To what are you clinging today?

Listen to Jesus: “Before Abraham was, I am.” It doesn’t matter what you have or what you lack. Before your heritage, privilege, or ability, Jesus is. Before your losses, lack, or inability, Jesus is. Before your fear, grief, or confusion, Jesus is.

Jesus keeps inviting us to let go and trust God. Pray your confusion and pain, what is hard to bear, why and to what you cling. Ask for grace to trust. One way I’m praying is tensing my arms and clenching fists, curling, or twisting my whole body and staying a while in that tension offering my constricted self. Then I let go and relax, leaning against a wall or lying on the floor, letting my whole weight be supported. Taking deep breaths, I trust God holds me fully.

Jesus is. Jesus is with you. Offer tension and relax trusting.

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  1. Tudy Hill on March 16, 2024 at 11:23

    Your message makes so much sense, Br Luke. Despite everything that distracts or deceives me, Jesus IS.

  2. John G. on March 16, 2024 at 11:21

    I’ve just moved from a city I lived in 30 years to a place far away. Long term relationships are upended. Whom can I trust? How can I make new friendships that will last like the old ones? I can still telephone the old friends. How long should I cling to them?
    There is risk in trusting others. I feel vulnerable to rejection, or worse, to betrayal. I know what that feels like. Jesus knew it too, but He was obedient. He faced his adversaries, replied to their accusations, endured an unjust trial before Pilate, and suffered for us all on the cross. Jesus trusted His Father fully; and so He received a Name above all others and the right to sit at the Father’s right hand.
    I too must endure loss if I am to follow Jesus. The struggle, the confusion, the diminishment are all part of the journey except that I know my Saviour has gone that way before. He gave Himself up, emptied Himself as a living sacrifice to God. In my own small way, I need to let go and trust, and I need God’s grace and compassion to do it, but the Promises of God are real, “I will not leave you nor forsake you.”

  3. Dee Dee on April 6, 2023 at 15:57

    God feels so far away sometimes, so these comforting words are very helpful. Thank you, Br. Luke.

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